Brewery Spotlight: Great Notion Brewing

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This week's brewery spotlight is on Great Notion Brewing, located in the popular Alberta neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. With nearly 100 breweries in the metro area, Portland is known by many as one of the world's best beer cities -- the best, depending on who you talk to (Craft beer lovers in Denver and San Diego beg to differ). One of the newest breweries in the area, Great Notion has quickly demonstrated why Portland deserves its reputation. 

We've stopped in a few times now, and we have yet to be disappointed. They specialize in hazy New England style IPAs and some fairly imaginative sour and fruit infused ales. Their Juice Jr. IPA, Ripe IPA, Juice Box DIPA, and Stash IPA pack enough of a hop punch to make this unapologetic hophead happy and coming back for more.

The Ripe IPA and Double Stack stout brewed with coffee and maple syrup are two of my favorites. I mean, can you go wrong with maple syrup and coffee? Not with this Canadian girl! Don't let the description scare you -- the Double Stack is perfectly balanced with just enough maple syrup and coffee to leave you craving breakfast, not a dentist.

While IPAs are our style of choice, their Blueberry Muffin sour, Whole Melon IPA, and Peach Punch IPA won us over and proved that Great Notion is far from a one trick pony. Their Blueberry Muffin sour is one of the few sours I've tried that I could see myself enjoying a full pour of. With the quality and consistency of their beer selection, it's hard to believe that Great Notion just reopened in the Mash Tun Brewpub's old digs this past January.

I like that the taproom blurs the inside with the outdoors, capitalizing on the lush greenery and mild weather that make Portland so desirable. They've kept the decor simple. The high ceilings are softened by an array of unique chandeliers and hanging plants, and the industrial tone is balanced by wood accents and a natural palette.

We've yet to put their food menu to the test, but if the way we devoured an order of the everything fries is any indication, I think we'll leave satisfied. I must admit, I'm a sucker for a good plate of fries. 

Great Notion has quickly become one of our favorite spots in Portland to enjoy a few brews while nerding out with some Bananagrams. 

... but don't take my word for it -- Stop by the brewery, grab a flight, and let me know what you think! Which one is your favorite?

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