Colorful Colorado: Sunflower City

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A while back, I stumbled across a picture of a beautiful sunflower field with the Rocky Mountain skyline in the background that listed its location as near Denver, so imagine my surprise when I learned that it was right around the corner from our house!

Located near Denver International Airport, you can find these seemingly endless fields of flowers by heading out I-70 east to Pena Boulevard and taking the E 56th Avenue exit. Drive east on E 56th Ave past E-470, and the fields should start to appear on the north side of the highway.
Photo posted by Denver International Airport
When I said the fields are near the airport, I wasn't kidding.
With eyes on the long stretch of fields before me, I pulled down a random dirt road separating two of the fields to park and take some pictures.
I couldn't have asked for a more clear, sunny day.

The fields sprawled out before me in a sea of yellow that blurred when they met with the bright blue horizon.

The flowers bloom in August and can last until mid-fall, provided that it hasn't been an overly dry, hot summer, and the blooms are huge. I mean, absolutely gigantic. Some of them were easily a foot in diameter, and for some reason being surrounded by them gave me the heebie-jeebies, so I hugged the road line.
 I would love to return and snap some photos with the Rocky Mountains in the background or at sunset, like the stunning shot below captured by Stan Rose Images.
A Billion Sunflowers by Stan Rose Images
As always, if you visit, please 'take only memories, and leave only footprints' so that others may experience the beauty of this place for years to come.

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