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I occasionally post pictures of new products I've received complimentary, and I get a lot of questions about how others can get them to — and the answer is Influenster.

Influenster sends VoxBoxes of new products on behalf of businesses, that have been individually catered to select Influensters to test and review.

Registration is free and relatively painless. After entering an email address and creating a password, you will be asked to provide some basic demographic information, link your social media accounts, answer a series of 'snaps' –questions about yourself that help Influenster tailor products specifically to you, and select different topics that interest you.
Based on your social media prowess, Influenster will give you a social media 'impact score.' This score, your profile, and your activity on the Influenster platform help Influenster decide whether to add you to a specific campaign.
Laura Mercier VoxBox
If you seem like a good fit, Influenster will email you a questionnaire with questions specifically designed to determine if you are a good candidate for the VoxBox in question. You have several days to respond and provide your mailing address.
Honeywell VoxBox
And that's it! Influenster will notify you within a few days if you have been selected for that campaign.
L'Oreal VoxBox
Once you have been selected for a campaign and receive your VoxBox in the mail, you are expected to confirm receipt and complete several tasks to receive a 'badge' for that campaign. Tasks typically include writing a review of the product or posting about the product on the different social media platforms.
Maybelline VoxBox
The more active you are on the website, completing badge tasks and sharing your experiences, the more VoxBoxes you will receive. You definitely get out what you put in, and I have received quite a few very nice VoxBoxes over the years.
Revive Voxbox
I particularly liked the VoxBox that included a full size bag of Tide Laundry Pods — This girl is cheap, so that's the only time Tide's ever been used in our house.😄 I use the Laura Mercier eye shadow palette and Maybelline ColorStay 24 lip colors, along with the Covergirl So Lashy mascara and the Not Your Mothers dry shampoo from the Twinkle VoxBox, pretty much every day (and I've since bought two more cans of dry shampoo and two more shades of the lip colors because they aren't fooling around when they say longwear and no lipstick marks left behind).

My most recent campaign is the Ole Henriksen Balance VoxBox. It just came today, and I've yet to investigate what it's all about!

If you want to test out some awesome new products for free, too, then what are you waiting for — Sign up today!

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